Chak Sarkar Forest, Mamdot


Situated in the South western corner of Punjab and bordering Pakistan in the west, the Forest Division of Ferozepur has the same boundary as that of the Revenue district of Ferozepur. It lies between 730 50? to 750 25? East longitude and 290 57? to 300 10? North Latitude. The total forest area of the district is 7064.50 ha, which comes to about 2.35% of the total geographical area. The type of forest found in the district can be broadly classified as Tropical Dry Deciduous Forest. Basically, there is little natural forest and in fact before the Forest Department took over management of these forests, they were in the shape of scattered patches and consist of scrub vegetation. There is also very little compact forest area and most of the so called forest area is in fact strips of land adjoining roads, canal (including distributaries, minors, escapes etc), drains, bundhs and railway lines which were declared as Protected Forest by the Punjab Government in 1953. However, ever since the declaration of certain areas as forests and their management was handed over to the Forest Department, there has been a lot of improvement in the overall scenario. Almost all the major roads, canals drains have been covered with plantations. Even the link roads have now been selected for plantation purposes. There is a block forest area near the village of Mumdot, called Chak Sarkar which has been declared as a Reserved Forest by the Government of Punjab. This is a compact area supporting some natural forest with the rest of the area being rehabilitated with artificial regeneration.

  • Chak Sarkar Forest Mamdot
  • Chak Sarkar Forest, Mamdot

How to Reach:

By Air

124 Km from Shri Guru Ram Dass International Airport Amritsar. 242 Km from Chandigarh International Airport 428 Km Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi

By Train

27.4 km from Railway Station Firozpur Cantt

By Road

26.8 km from Ferozepur Cantt general Bus Stand 28.8 km from Ferozepur City Bus Stand