Animal Husbandry

With a view to increase the production of various Livestock Products like milk, eggs, wool and meat etc. , Animal Husbandry Department has chalked out an ambitious program for the development of various species of Livestock . The Milk Production and Egg Production in the State has already made commendable achievement and per capita availability of Milk and Eggs in Punjab State is highest in the Country. Efforts are still going on to further increase Milk Production and other major Livestock Products in the State by providing Scientific Breeding Technique and Effective Health Cover.The main objectives of the Department are as under :-

  1. To improve the Genetic Potential of the Livestock through Scientific Breeding .
  2. To provide Efficient and Effective Health Cover to the Livestock Wealth of the State.
  3. To provide Improved Feeding and Management Practices.
  4. To provide Effective Extension Services in the field of Animal Husbandry.

Total Veterinary Hospitals in District Ferozepur – 35

Civil Veterinary Hospital Name Tehsil
C.V.H. Ferozepur Ferozepur
C.V.H. Mamdot Ferozepur
C.V.H. Jhoke Harihar Ferozepur
C.V.H. Ghall khurd Ferozepur
C.V.H. Ratta Khera Ferozepur
C.V.H. Butta Wala Ferozepur
C.V.H. Sande Hasam Ferozepur
C.V.H. Lakho ke Behram Ferozepur
C.V.H. Jeevan Arain Ferozepur
C.V.H. Mana Singh Wala Ferozepur
C.V.H. Palla Megha/fzr Ferozepur
C.V.H. Mudki Ferozepur
C.V.H. Talwandi Bhai Ferozepur
C.V.H. Khai Pheme Ki Ferozepur
Policlinic Ferozepur Ferozepur
C.V.H. Butewala Ferozepur

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Department Schemes in District Ferozepur

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Department’ Key Contacts of District Ferozepur

  1. Designation- Deputy Director, A.H. , Ferozepur
    Phone – 01632-246089

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