Introduction of e-Governance is the key to making information technology (IT) relevant to ordinary citizens. E-Governance is a culture, which changes how citizens relate to governments as much as it changes how citizens relate to each other. It brings forth re-definition of needs and responsibilities. Though computerization introduced successfully by NIC in different sectors in the districts has yielded fruitful results, the concept of introducing e-Governance to implement citizen-IT based applications in the district is the next logical goal.

In continuation e-Governance programme NATIONAL INFORMATICS CENTRE had been established way back in 1988 in DC Office complex. NIC a leading government department under the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology is involved in various e-Governance projects implementation.

Presently posted Officer at NIC-Distt. Centre Ferozepur:

Sh. Anil Palta (DIO, 2017 – present)

Followings the brief description of the important projects implemented in the district:

Punjab Grievance Redressal System (PGRS):

This demo mobile based Android App help to citizen of the Ferozepur Punjab to lodge the complaint against the official of government office/department at the real time the complaint reach at the Head of the Department and Deputy Commissioner Ferozepur.  Click here to download PbGMS App   User_Manual_Version_1.0_PBGMS .


Punjab e-Sewa is an online portal that has been developed by the State Government of Punjab for the assistance of citizens. It has been designed to enable the seamless delivery of citizen services through e-district administration. These services are incorporated under the Government to Citizen (G2C) facilities provided by the Government of Punjab

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NGDRS ( National Generic Document Registration System)

Website Link :

FARD Online

Land records are available in public domain . Citizens can visit the below mentioned links to find for more details :


GePNIC (Government eProcurement Application by NIC)

Website Link :

The Mission Mode Project (MMP) of eProcurement under the National eGovernance Plan aims at making government procurement simplified, transparent and result-oriented. eProcurement System enables the Departments/ Corporations/ Boards/ Agencies etc to create and publish their tenders for seeking online bid documents. It also allows the Tenderers to download the tender documents, corrigendum, timelines and then submit the bids online through this portal

Human Resource Management System (iHRMS) Punjab

Website Link :

Mobile App is also Available

Manav Sampada, an Human Resource Management System (iHRMS) is a solution for Government Departments in taking right decisions at right time and for proper monitoring, manpower planning,recruitment, Postings, Promotion and Transfer based on employee skill sets. It has the objective of maintaining Electronic record of the service of all employees across all State Government Departments. The employees are provided with single loginId – password via which they can view their service book, salary information in case it is linked to it and also GPF.

eOffice Punjab

Website Link :

eOffice has been designed in sync with needs of modern government. It is embedded with a Knowledge Management System which can enable employees to create their own document online and submit the same for review and publication on the portal. With a single platform, the entire organization can collaborate, share documents in any format electronically. It includes eFile module which replaces paper files.
Implementation Status:
eOffice has been implemented in DC Office, SDM Offices, Thesil Office and sub Thesil offices.

The process is going on to implement in the e-Offices in all the state government offices of the district.

eCourts MMP in District Ferozepur

Website Link :

Mobile App is also available


e-Mamta (of NIC Gujrat) project tracks the pregnant mothers and infants as a priority area for providing effective immunization & healthcare services to this group. As a major initiative in this regard, the Mother and Child Tracking System (MCH) is a name based pregnant mother and child tracking system. It is a management tool to reduce MMR/IMR/TFR and track the health service delivery at the individual level.

Revenue Court Monitoring System (RCMS)

The Revenue Court Monitoring System implement in the  Distt. Magistrate, Addl. DM , SDMs, Thesil and Sub Thesil offices  of the district Ferozepur.

District Information System for Elections (NIC-PBSC-DISE)

  • Data cleaning utility developed at local level to find the bugs in the
  • Real-time SMS generation on mobile handsets of polling staff
  • Depute EVM and staff randomly for the smooth conductions of Elections

MoRTH’s Transport Computerisation Projects (SARATHI , VAHAN and PERMIT)

The SARATHI , VAHAN & PERMIT applications have been implemented for the computerization of issuance of Driving Licenses, Issuance of Certificate of Registration and Issance of Permits of commerical vehicles respectively.


Computerization and Computer Networking of Consumer Forums

Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA)

District Scheme Monitoring System, National

This package is used in the district monthly development meetings and each officer explain about his project using the said user friendly application system.

Video Conferencing Facility

Video Conferencing Facility started in the NIC District Centre in November 2002. This brings the decision makers and action takers together, face to face, wherever they are across the country and around the Globe. Experts from remote locations can interact with each other in real time interactive mode. By providing strong channels of visual, graphical and multimedia communication, videoconferencing opens new vistas of functioning of government and service delivery mechanism is enabled for various sectors of Indian economy.

Blood Bank Management System

Website Link :

This project aims at maintaining all the information pertaining to blood donors, different blood groups available in each blood bank and help them manage in a better way. Aim is to provide transparency in this field, make the process of obtaining blood from a blood bank hassle free and corruption free and make the system of blood bank management effective.


This Software is used to computerize data on market fee, market charges, total arrivals, arrivals by agencies, prices, storage, dispatches with destination, mode of transportation, costs, sold and unsold stocks, method of sale, payment, weighing facility, grading facilities etc. All the Market Committees of Ferozepur has been computerized.

District Social Security Office

Government of Punjab is giving monthly pensions to Old Age persons, Widows, Dependent children and Disabled persons. More then One & Half lakh beneficiaries are there in District Ferozepur. NIC has successfully computerized all the pension details since 1994 which results in the timely distribution of the pension to the beneficiaries. This will drastically reduce the work of District Social Security Office.

Rural Soft

This is the new on-line project in which entries of all the Rural development schemes is to be entered directly on web site, developed by NIC, by DRDA and Zila Parishad officials like: AWASOFT, PRIYASOFT, Panchayat Portal etc.

General Provident Fund Management

Since 1992 for the office of Deputy Commissioner Ferozepur, GPF of Ministerial, Revenue & Class-IV Staff has been managed by software developed in NIC Ferozepur.

e-Digi Sign

Performa for Profile Change or Digital Signature Mapping in eSewa Id : Download

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